Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Not a good day

'Not a good day, Dad,' said my daughter, on Sunday evening. She was being sympathetic, I think. Because local team Williams hadn't done as well as I'd hoped in the Aussie Grand Prix, with Nico Rosberg coming only 6th (only, I say, but at least it earned some constructors' points). But there we are, it's only a game, as Jane would say - boys playing with their toys, albeit rather expensive ones. Still, I must say, the new regulations, so far, made for an exciting race. We watched the replay in very congenial surroundings with our friends, David and Margaret, over lunch. And then of course came my second disappointment with Cambridge coming second in the Boat Race. I was, I confess, shocked and ashamed by Oxford's perfidious tactics. As Cambridge, after a shaky start on the unfavourable bend, pulled ahead and were heading for clear water, Oxford's cox urged his crew to make a dash to catch up and then from behind steered his bow oars to clash with the rear oars of Cambridge, who never recovered from this physical interruption of their rhythm. In my book the vehicle behind is always to blame in a crash. I don't know what's come over the place where I trained to be a vicar. 'It's only a boat race,' said my wife as we left....

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