Friday, 27 March 2009

Nasty moment

I woke last night at 1.30 - and there was silence in the garden. Oh no! So soon! I felt dreadful. Had it been love at first sound? Don't say he'd already taken the ultimate desperate step! So I was relieved to wake a couple of hours later to hear Randy Romeo Robin duetting with the blackbird again.

Meanwhile some good local news: Formula One Williams team is based just round the corner from us in Grove, and it seems they (along with Brawn and Toyota) have stolen a march on the big boys with their superior design of diffuser. Of course Ferrari et al are crying 'Foul!' but for now it looks as though they'll just have to catch up. Meanwhile our local team, with Nico Rosberg and Kazuko Nakajima have put in two of the fastest practice times so far. Hopefully we won't have local lads imitating them at night on Newlands Drive. I'd prefer a whole aviary in the garden to that.

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