Thursday, 26 March 2009

Uncanny or what?

After my last angst-ridden posting, two odd things happened. One was I received an email from a friend whom I've not seen for years. Its subject was 'You MUST watch', and it said, 'This is truly awesome and inspirational - never seen anything approaching this. May it bless you. Copy and paste link into your browzer.
Barrie'. So I clicked on the link, and he was right. It IS inspirational, especially from my point of view Nick's comments at the end. I won't spoil it for you. You MUST watch it. But it did put a different perspective on my incipient self-pity.

Then this morning I received a padded envelope from Nottingham. I recognised my brother's handwriting, but the card inside wasn't from him, but from someone who's commented here in the past. It said, 'With thanks for the enjoyment your blog gives me and in case Randy ever goes on holiday -'. Also in the envelope was a furry robin from the RSPB 'with a real bird call', when you squeeze its tummy. It had me roaring with laughter. Thanks, Pat. Besides the kindness and the wit of the present, what struck me was the timing. I don't suppose either Pat or Barrie were aware of my gloom, but both sent me something to lighten it. So who tipped them off? I wondered. A mystery. Anyway, I'll be grateful to God.

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