Friday, 6 March 2009

Is 8 a charm?

This week Jane counted eight goldfinches in our garden. I don't know whether this technically constitutes a charm, but I reckon so. Meanwhile the other week, the big bird feeder had about a dozen starling squabbling over it. The collective term for starlings is, I believe, a murmuration. Ours were more like a squawk of starlings. (Oh yes, and Randy - identified by Ian - the robin's still keeping up his nocturnal twittering.)

You have to feel sorry for Andrew Strauss, the England cricket captain. You'd really have thought that a first-innings total of over 600 would put you in test match winning position. It must have been gutting to see the West Indies pass it and disappear out of sight with a good 700+ runs. I gather the pitch was to blame, but I can't help thinking that Shane Warne might have made something of it. I have to agree though with my friend Peter who commented (actually about the England v Ireland rugby) 'I do feel the commentators and pundits have a downer on England at present at whatever they try to do.' There's a sort of death-wish in some of them, almost as if they expect England to lose. On the other hand, I hate the jingoist 'My country right or wrong' attitude, echoed by fans booing and trying to put off the opposing penalty kickers. Or spectators at Wimbledon cheering a mistake by Henman's (blessed Tim) opponent.


  1. Glad Randy's still in good form; British Trust for Ornithology reports that the number of young Robins dropped by 22% last year. They are fun to watch in the garden, if not to hear in the middle of the night! Pat.

  2. We've only had two goldfinches so far but LOTS of tits.

    Think I've got the hang of it, practising with Paul supervising. There is something special about learning from ones children! Nadia is going to Torbay for a netball tournament & Anna has got to the finals of Young Musician of the Year: TREVELYAN MID SCH.! B.

  3. Practice makes perfect, Barbara. And that must be coming true for me, Pat, as Randy really doesn't bother me now, though I do wonder when he gets his beauty sleep!