Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Saying sorry

As you may have seen from the comment on my last entry, Lightwriters now have a facility for an English accent (as well as texting to and from mobile phones), which is good news for us posh people! So I'm sorry to have misled you.

'Sorry' has been in the news recently. 'Say sorry,' chant the opposition to the Prime Minister, 'Just say sorry!' For things as large as the global economy collapsing like a pack of cards, and for things as obscure as an email from one of his advisers to a crony (Messrs MacBride and Draper) plotting a dirty blog campaign smearing the Tories. Apparently personal letters of regret were insufficient. It's a bit reminiscent of the playground. Pinned against the tarmac the offender is told, 'Say Sorry. Are you sorry? Say you're really truly grovellingly sorry. Say you'll never do it again. Say it louder - so we all can hear... What are you?...'. And you know what? As you watch, you begin to wonder who's really in the wrong.

Today, I'm sparing a thought for Messrs Brown and Darling. I know going in to politics was their choice. But, to be fair, theirs is one TOUGH job (or rather two tough jobs).


  1. I should say sorry Michael. I didn't mean to remain anonimous - just not used to this technology!

  2. You're, of course, forgiven!! xx