Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Going on air

This afternoon I did an interview for the Torch Trust's Insight programme (4 pm Sundays on Premier Radio). I'll let my Facebook man know when it's going to be on. I'm delighted to hear that Torch are producing 'My Donkeybody' in braille, large print, audio-book and on daisy-format CDs. I trust that my story will help and even entertain other people who have something major to contend with. Meanwhile I am just beginning to get back to writing. Maybe it is spring (which seems to have had a bit of a relapse). I hope it will continue.


  1. Crack on old fellow, crack on!!



  2. Just found your blog as a result of reading My Donkeybody (in one sitting last night I might add, domestic chores were sadly abandoned!). Have been investigating blogs and published MND accounts, as my husband and I maintained an on-line blog (www.linketty.zoomshare.com) until his untimely death from MND last August. He had bulbar onset ALS and only lived 21 months from diagnosis, but was keen for me to investigate publishing his blog in some form or another. He was also deaf/blind and would have very much have approved of being able to have your book in large print or daisywheel format, so hope this idea progresses forward. Will continue to check into this blog, am very much in favour of writings which face the future with faith and humour, both of which we tried to practice, despite some horrendously difficult circumstances.

  3. Hi Jane
    I've had only a quick look at Richard's blog. He was a brave man. And what a hard road for yourself, and Jenny and Vicky. I hope a lot of people read your blog, because it gives such a vivid picture of a much more typical experience than mine, though I guess Richard's illness was among the most vicious of them. I'm amazed how you maintained faith and humour. I sometimes feel as though my faith hangs on by a thread, and am just glad that God doesn't let go. I believe the MNDA are intending to do something on blogs. Do they know of yours? If not, may I let them have the link? (My email is wenhams@xalt.co.uk .)