Monday, 6 April 2009

Lay off our posties!

Keep Britain Tidy tell postmen they may get prosecuted for dropping those pink rubber bands that Royal Mail supply for bundling letters together. They should stuff them in their pockets instead. Poor post men and women! Walk at 6 miles an hour... and don't forget to put all the junk through the letter boxes... and ignore the dogs snapping at your fingers... AND we're going to tag you to make sure you don't dilly-dally on the way (I'm not joking). But what does it matter how long they take as long as they complete all they have to do? So now, not only do they have their well-heeled bosses on their backs, they also have the Keep Britain Tidy stasi snapping at their heels.

I think it's well known that I'm a fan of posties, especially since our local representatives showed kindness beyond the call of duty after my MND kicked in. In case you've not read about it in 'My Donkeybody' (Monarch, available from bookshops and on line!), they took to bringing my post in to me when I could no longer pick it up from the floor. Come to think of it, perhaps it goes back much further than that into my childhood. Older readers may recall Alison Uttley's 'Little Grey Rabbit' books, with all those animal characters. Wasn't the postman in those... wait for it... a robin! And the letters were leaves. Or was it Blackberry Farm?


  1. I shall need those red rubber bands to tie down my daffs which are prolific this year B

  2. Those of us who don't have daffs could wear them on our sleeves as a gesture of solidarity with the happy band of postmen.