Saturday, 18 April 2009

MND musings

It's occurred to me that I don't muse much about MND in my blog and risk getting across trades' description. I wonder why. I like to think it's because I want to get the message across that MND doesn't stop you enjoying the ordinary things of life. And it's true. But it's not the whole truth. My sort (PLS) is slow developing and so in way things are easier for me than for many others. Still as I sit here looking down the close on a Saturday morning, I see my neighbours driving back and unloading their golf clubs from their car boots and think, 'It must be nice to out walking round Frilford Heath... just walking would be nice.' Life is a daily round of frustration. I lay in bed this morning reflecting on how restricted I am. Most of my day is spent in one of three chairs. But this morning I spoke to someone with a different form of the illness, which began by affecting his arms so that now within a couple of years he's within sight of losing the use of his hands entirely. And of course that affects everything, from eating, computer, cleaning, washing, EVERYTHING. If he starts a blog, as he intends, I'll give you the link.

So, I can't guarantee, but I'll be trying to focus a bit more on the MND in future. Meanwhile, you'll be pleased to know that Romeo 'Randy' Robin appears to have found a mate. Jane's observed two robins in the garden this week. Hopefully matrimony will instill more regular hours in Romeo. No late night partying. I suppose I should be grateful that Susan Boyle doesn't practise in our garden every night. Not that she doesn't have a remarkable voice ('the voice of an angel' as Nicky Campbell said). It's just a bit louder than Romeo's. I do hope that the media attention doesn't spoil that canny Scots lady.

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  1. I only reply to trivial info eg robins: there were 2 COCK robins perching opposite each other on our gtarden table waiting to grab worms as I weeded, maybe they are placid & passive once they have found a mate. Your musings on ethical issues mean I don't need to wade through the media. B