Monday, 1 September 2008

More parties

And then we had Jane's parents' diamond wedding anniversary down in Sidmouth. Diamond - that's sixty years! The Queen sent them a card (or one of her secretaries did), which was nice of her - though she did need reminding! They had a lunch party to which they invited 50 friends and family. They are a remarkable couple, both in their 80s, still going strong. Dennis had made their anniversary cake (a craft he took to in retirement), and Audrey had iced it - a bit of a work of art. Their eminent son, Christopher, was recuperating from an operation, and so Jane had to step in to the breach and take up public speaking to propose the toast. (See picture with her youngest granddaughter, Faith, looking on in admiration - and well she might! It was a moving moment.) It was a celebration of a great achievement.

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