Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Don't miss it

Don't miss out listening to Andrew White on 'The Choice' (BBC Radio 4 9.30 tonight). I listened this morning and it made me laugh and cry in equal measures. It's such an impressive and moving story. And he's such a good interviewee - utterly straightforward, self-deprecating and honest. Michael Buerk: 'What the hell are you doing (working in Iraq)?' AW: 'I'm mad!' As Stephen says, 'Rock on!' And I hadn't realised that the Church of England regards him as unemployable as a vicar because of his MS.' I was simply humbled to think he'd written the foreword for 'My Donkeybody'.

By contrast another Andrew (Murray) had a master-class from Roger Federer in Flushing Meadow. No doubt he's learned from it - if nothing else how to milk the crowd in a post defeat interview: 'The Arthur Ashe crowd is just great....' (or words to that effect. But I must say, much as I dislike the cliches, he did well, the laddie from Dunblane.

Talking of the flowers of Scotland, I want to say thanks to my friend Louise - she's Scottish - who's recommended the song 'I hope you dance' from the album by Lee Ann Womack to me. I'd heard it once before at Lee Abbey. As she says, great lyrics. One day we'll dance. I tuned in to the old film, 'My Darling Clementine', this afternoon. I enjoyed the scene in the outdoor church (they've not built a 'proper' one yet) and the lay preacher says, 'I'm not a scholar, but I've read the good book from beginning to end and back again, and no where does it say a word against dancing....' And he picks up his violin and the rest of the morning service consists a good old dance session! That's just fine!

Bon voyage in Kenya, Mark and Louise. Am I jealous....

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