Monday, 1 September 2008

Meanwhile back on the ranch

So it's been back to work nearly as normal last week. Meetings in the evenings, planning for the next year, trying to raise money for building repairs and improvements in the three churches here.... But the party mood has persisted on and off. The children's holiday club welcomed about 60 children to mornings of teaching, worship and craft activities. New this year was the appearance of Rusty and Tommy, the beachcombing puppets, and Clyde, the upper-crust camel. I'm waiting for Arthur the ass....

Partying began again on Saturday with a wedding which ranks with the best: Vikki Cranfield and Tim Eltham. 'The bride wore cream and midnight blue....' The couple were nervous, as normal couples are. But it was just an enjoyable day. We got to the reception just in time to see Tim and Vikki smooching under the glare of the cameras in the first dance. I wish them as long and happy a marriage as my in-laws.

Talking of very different parties, I hadn't realised until watching the news in the week that the unofficial symbol of the Democratic Party in the States is the donkey. I'm a tad bothered in case all my potential Republican readership will be put off by the title of 'My Donkeybody'. Perhaps I'd better call my next book 'Elephant Memories'. I liked this bit from the Democrats' website: "The Democrats think of the elephant as bungling, stupid, pompous and conservative -- but the Republicans think it is dignified, strong and intelligent. On the other hand, the Republicans regard the donkey as stubborn, silly and ridiculous -- but the Democrats claim it is humble, homely, smart, courageous and loveable." I'm not taking sides!

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