Sunday, 14 September 2008

Happy Birthday, Jess

Tomorrow is the official 10th birthday of our dog, Jess, pictured above trying to imitate a donkey (uncannily like the one on my book cover) and a lion and being herself. She has a touching story, being the illicit offspring of a cocker spaniel bitch and probably a blue merle collie (hence her disconcerting blue eyes). Her mother lived in a dogs' refuge centre, having been rescued from a welsh pound. Ten years ago she was adopted at a price by Jane, and came to Stanford in the Vale. Thanks to training by Bryan, she developed a great temperament - except in the proximity of hot air balloons, and church bells which make her howl. But, as they say, she's not doing badly for her age. If you see her, do wish her a happy birthday.

In church today we heard from Laurie Lintern about the launch of the Large Hadron Collider. He works on CMS, one of the detectors in the circuit. Wednesday was clearly an exciting day. Among other things he commented on how many top particle physicists are believers (in God). I agreed with him in thinking that God enjoys us exploring further and further into the wonder of the universe. Was it Kepler who described it as 'thinking God's thoughts after him'? One can only be amazed at the intelligence lying behind everything, I think.

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  1. It's still scary, though!
    Happy Birthday, Jess x