Sunday, 31 August 2008


Goodness me, as they say! It's a wee while since I've been on my blog. The truth is I've been so busy catching up with work - you know how it is after a summer break; and in my line of business you always hope to use the summer to carry out those big projects and that blue-sky thinking you've not had time for the rest of the year. I can't say I've been more successful this year than previously.... but that's life. AND I've been partying. Which has been fun.

After the buzz of New Wine, our morning services have been distinctly more jolly (I mean, worshipful). One Sunday we had two visitors from Germany who'd looked us up on the WWW and chosen to worship here. Wow, I thought, little old Stanford in The Vale! It was so nice to feel that we are part of a worldwide family, and we really loved meeting you, Gerhild and Sabine. Thanks for coming!

Then our young people came back from five days at Soul Survivor. In one way they'd had a terrible time - camping in rain, mud to match Glastonbury, their small marquee lifted like a tissue over the caravan and twisted and torn beyond repair by the wind; BUT they survived along with 10,000 other teenagers, and actually enjoyed it (quote, 'the best time of my life'). They couldn't wait to get to worship God; they'd rush their food to get good positions. One of the adults with them said to me, 'I realised how big the Church is.' Teenagers often get a bad press, but actually they don't deserve it as a breed!

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