Tuesday, 6 April 2010

They're off!

Well, that's what we needed to hear. No more phoney election, just one month of campaigning, and then the vote. Can I get in my plea quick, viz that you look at http://www.mnd2010.org/, which is the MND Association's push to persuade the next government to adopt a National Strategy for MND. 'A National Strategy will ensure people with MND receive high quality care and support from the NHS and social services, no matter where they live in the country. Help us raise the awareness of MND with those people who have the political power to make a difference.'

Having seen the 'chancellors' debate' a week ago, the parties don't seem to have much room for manoeuvre on the economic front, but there are quite a number of other important issues. Especially for those with faith, but not only, there's another site worth looking at, Christian Concern for our Nation http://www.ccfon.org/view.php?id=1043, which flags them up. Old habits die hard, and so I'm not likely to be using this blog as a party campaigning medium. I enjoyed, however, an interview with the 77-year old Michael Heseltine yesterday by Jim Naughtie about news coverage of political campaigns. He said in effect, 'You (journalists) try to elicit a gaffe first thing in the morning (eg. on the Today programme), and then you run it as the main news story throughout the day...' (and, thought I, you concoct it in the case of the Archbishop). And being a wily campaigner, he refused to be drawn on his divergent opinion on Europe from the main Tory line. 

And yesterday there was another Cambridge victory, when Emmanuel College trounced Oxford's St John's, in University Challenge! In terms of the boat race Oxford would have been at Hammersmith Bridge when Cambridge were finishing. I tried not to gloat, though I did join in the admiration of geekish Alex Guttenplan who seemed to combine a compendious general knowledge, lightning intellect with a disarming willingness to say, 'We don't know.' I imagine he'll end up a professor. I suspect the General Election will be somewhat closer, but this year's Oxford/Cambridge clashes augur well for the outcome...!


  1. No father!!!!

    I was due to watch UC on Iplayer tonight. I'm very glad that Guttenplan's crew have won but the element of tension may be slightly lacking thanks to your eager post!

    See you soon

  2. Aw, shucks, son!!! So sorry. All I can suggest is that you don't look at the map of the boat race before you watch it! Cambridge rules, OK!

  3. Glad to see you're promoting the MND National Strategy - I've already left my "experience" on the website as a shining example of what service should be provided for MND sufferers. Richard was fortunate (if anybody who has MND could be described as 'fortunate') and I hope as much awareness of this campaign as possible can be raised.

    Have enjoyed your various Easter postings - He is Risen, alleluia

  4. Thanks, Jane. I still refer to Richard / your blog for encouragement.

    For readers' information, Jane's account and a link to the blog can be found at http://www.mnd2010.org/node/11079. I guarantee you'll be informed, moved and inspired by it. It does show why the help Richard received is so vital for everyone.

  5. Hi Micheal.
    It,s good to know you are keeping an eye on this election, whats the beting on the first cuts of the 12 billion, will be on medical reseach regards Norman

  6. Hi Michael
    Always did think that Emmanuel was a very good College!

  7. So did I, Andy, but not THAT good! Come to think of it, you'd have made the victory even more crushing.
    Shame about Lee Westwood.