Monday, 26 April 2010

Out and about in Grove (part 1)

Not only has the sun brought the blossom out apace, it's also drawn me out of my lair. On Friday, St George's Day, we went for a coffee at Cornerstone. I thought you might like to see what this place is like which I like so much and where we're going to launch I Choose Everything in June. It's really an example of not judging by outward appearance, because, to be honest, it's not that prepossessing, not ye olde quaint tea shoppe. It's on the end of a parade of shops. But its heart is on the inside. 
Good disabled access takes me tantalisingly to the counter where the cakes are just at my eye-height. Anita, one of the geniuses behind the food, always seems to be cheerful, but it's clearly not because she's been scoffing it all.
 Here are the cakes that tempt me horribly, and then there's the lunch menu.Toys for the kids. Behind me there's the book and card bit. 

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