Saturday, 10 April 2010

Polling day gridlock

The end of the first week of campaigning... It didn't get off to a very auspicious start. Labour called the Tories a bunch of toffs. The Tories said, 'Not another five years of Gordon!' The Lib Dems said, 'A plague on both your houses!' Not exactly the height of political engagement. Meanwhile our local council (or its printers) has excelled itself. We were somewhat surprised to receive our polling cards which told us our polling station was in Kingston Bagpuize (about 10 miles away), while Rachel who lives in Watchfield found hers told her to go to Abingdon on 6th May (15-20 miles away). Jeremy Clarkson might approve, but I suspect the Greens would be sucking lemons. Apparently the printers made 'a mistake'. One has a picture of cars crisscrossing the district in a mad gridlock on general election day - or else a massive abstention of apathy!

To be continued...

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