Thursday, 22 April 2010

Happy days

As my son would say, happy days! Sunshine and warmth in the conservatory... this is the view from my riser recliner where I sit and check over my proofs. You can see Jane's handiwork (some of it) in the garden right in front of my nose: including the seedlings waiting for the frosts to go. The best bit is the tub with tulips and pansies, which, close to, is a riot of colour. Not bad!

And of course there's Jess wondering if I'd like to come out and play - which of course I would.... But it's not a bad office, is it?

So here I sit working and reworking through the proofs. I've chosen to set this book out in a bit of a complicated format; so it's not as straightforward as My Donkeybody, but I think it will look good as well as being a good read - in my opinion! I got really good news via my good friend Louise in Sydney that Jill McCloghry is happy to be quoted in I Choose Everything. Hers is such a moving story. 

Last night we went to Cornerstone Coffee Shop for a church quiz night. Our team did quite well. Officially we won, but I'm not sure we really did. I think they were being nice to the clergy. How many King Kenneths of Scotland were there? That was a pure guess - which we got wrong. Still it was a fun evening. Life's not bad!


  1. I've just finished reading 'The Italian Chapel' thankyou for recommending such a lovely life and faith affirming book.
    OK, how many king Kenneths of Scotland were there?

  2. Were there 3 Dad?

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Pat. Philip Paris tells me he's got a factual book on the chapel coming out in May. And you can join our team, Penny; there WERE 3 King Kens.

  4. The beauty of Google!