Monday, 19 April 2010

David Morris

I was planning to write an entertaining piece about the Wembley turf, but I've just found out from a disabled friend that David Morris, the senior disability adviser for the Greater London Authority, died suddenly last night. I never met him, but he was due to appear on Care Not Killing's dvd on assisted suicide, on which I appear too. He was a great champion of the disabled, being severely so himself, but letting that stop him from living a full and active life himself. You might well have seen him on Newsnight and other news programmes when the  subject of euthanasia raises its head. He was very thoughtful and expressed himself very clearly. I believe that he was currently involved with working to make the Olympics inclusive. He was a good example of strength in weakness - and will be a real loss. I think he should receive a posthumous MBE.

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