Monday, 15 February 2010

Weekend watching

Perhaps he didn't know St Valentine's Day was over.  That must be his only excuse.  But at 3.45 AM, yes AM, he was at it.  Yes, Romeo's back - not at full throttle, but like an orchestra tuning up.  (By the way, 'throstle' is an old word for 'thrush'.)  My only consolation is that it might be a sign that spring is on its way.  Oddly too, on Radio 3 this morning they played Prokofiev's ballet suite Romeo and Juliet.  

A lot of us with MND are a bit tired of being cooped up by the snow and then the cold.  Spring sunshine and warmth can't come too soon, as far as we're concerned.  All the same I'm enjoying the Winter Olympics, beside my fire!  The less said about the weekend's rugby the better; it wasn't a great spectacle, I thought - though the end of the Wales-Scotland match was unexpectedly dramatic.

Songs of Praise was back to its prissy worst format (red roses, King's Singers in PINK ties...), but was totally redeemed by one interview with Peggy, of The Archers, June Spencer.  In the series, she's married to Jack Wooley who has Alzheimers.  In real life, her husband also had the same disease, and then a stroke:  'I remember saying, "Why me?" and God said, "Because, with my help, you can cope.  And that's it.'  And he did help me, and I did cope, and looking back on it I realise that I couldn't have coped without his help.'  And then she went on to talk about the resurgence of love she experienced in his illness.  It's a wonderful jewel of an interview and well worth listening to.  I hope the BBC repeat it if they do one of their retrospective SoPs in the summer.  (You can find it about 22 minutes into the programme:


  1. I wonder if your nocturnal/dawn visitor is sent by Dorothy Gurney?

    "The kiss of the sun for pardon
    The song of the birds for mirth
    One is nearer to God's heart in the garden
    Than anywhere else on earth."

  2. I'd better get out in the garden more. Maybe this is the explanation of SAD syndrome.