Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Oh and something else

How could I have forgotten - except they weren't that exciting: the 6 Nations' Rugger began on Saturday?  I'm not sure whether England would have beaten Wales were it not for that rather stupid sticking out of his leg by Alun Wyn Jones.  But there we are!  That's the price you pay.  The Saturday matches were rather scrappy, but the Sunday game was a different matter.  France were much more exciting, quick handling and crunching defence, and to give them their due Scotland battled like Braveheart.  They're my favourites for the championship, the French, that is - which come to think of it is what Bruce Forsyth says to the worst dancers on 'Strictly'; but I don't suppose that'll worry the French team.  Somehow I can't imagine them watching....
And this is an historic picture, recording Jane well and truly into the cyber age.  While I'm writing this, she's scanning the web for new recipes.  Happy days!

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