Sunday, 21 February 2010

Weekend observations

I've just had the pleasure of watching Bristol City winning at Ashton Gate against West Brom. You don't often get to see their matches on TV. To be honest I'm not a fanatic, but Bristol City comes as near to being 'my team' as any. Bristol was my home. I watched them play Liverpool when I was at school, I imagine in the FA or League Cup. They lost, I think. They've been slipping recently, but hopefully this is the start of the recovery.

To be honest, it was a bit of a relief after all that rather tedious curling, which seems to have dominated the Winter Olympics coverage. It's very slow-moving massive marbles on ice. I think we have to watch a lot of it, because Britain's reckoned to have at least a chance of a medal. At least we have one gold - good for Amy Williams in the incredibly scary skeleton tobogganing! A shame it contributes to the jibe that Team GB is good only at sedentary, or in this case lying-down sports (rather like me, come to think of it!) - but credit where it's due.

Another party on Saturday night in honour of our friend Maureen. We must have been enjoying it, because we didn't get home till way past my bedtime. Well, there were a lot of friends there.

An eventful week ahead: the Director of Public Prosecutions is due to issue his guidelines on assisted suicide, and no doubt the media will be full of it - again. Then we have our local MNDA meeting - about gardening. And the next day - oh no, I can't tell you about that yet. Sorry.


  1. Oh, come on! Come on! You can't keep us in suspense like this........

  2. This is like Easteneders all over again! What a cliff hanger...

  3. I must and I shall, Brian! Not quite as sinister as murder, Paul, I assure you!