Thursday, 18 February 2010

Done but not yet dusted

Well, I Choose Everything - first draft - is complete.  I've sent it to Jozanne to see whether she's happy for it to go to the publishers.  I think it's quite interesting.  Actually I'm more enthusiastic than that.  I reckon it will be really helpful for Christians understanding illness from the inside.  To celebrate finishing we made for the Cornerstone and broke our Lent fast (already) with some mallow tiffin and coffee.  To offset that I also bought the Archbishop's Lent book, 'Our Sound is our Wound' by Lucy Winkett.  I enjoy her Thoughts for the Day on Radio 4.  She's Precentor at St Paul's Cathedral (or something like that), which means her expertise is singing - she was trained as a musician.

Talking of musical talent, today I was sent a YouTube link about Patrick Henry Hughes.  I'll not spoil it for you, except to say it's a remarkable story of a father's love and of unforeseen potential.  It should also be a warning against writing off any handicapped baby. (

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