Sunday, 12 July 2009

Rampant Ozzies

I held my breath at 6.40 this evening. It was surprisingly exciting listening, considering England was fighting to avoid an ignominious defeat in the cricket. At one stage we were 70 for 5... and there was Geoffrey Borecott saying how useless Hauritz was: 'even my dear mother could have done better' (than Pietersen). Well, he took 6 wickets, Geoffrey, - which says something about the English batting. Anyway, respect to Jimmy Anderson and Monty Panesar who held the Ozzies at bay until close of play. So it wasn't a complete wipe out. Just a draw. Though I suspect the Australians would claim a moral victory. Earllier of course Mark Webber knocked Jenson Button well and truly off the podium in the German Grand Prix - and, in case you don't know, although he lives in England he's an Ozzie, cobber.


  1. Peter agrees with you about the cricket. Life was very tense in our household all afternoon!

  2. We were marvelous! Hurrah for England (and Wales), just wait the next few matches will be a doddle, that was a good warm up.

  3. You perfidious poms
    New gloves, water, what else? Don't think I didn't notice the clock was 2 minutes FAST.