Saturday, 18 July 2009

History at Lords?

Now we really have got them over a barrel. It's only day three of five, and it looks as if we've got the Wallabies licked this time. What is it - 521 runs ahead with 4 wickets standing, and still two days' play left. Presumably Strauss will declare early tomorrow, perhaps letting Flintoff have a bit more of a bash. And then it's up and at 'em. They don't stand a chance, do they...? The only Ozzie fly in the ointment might be that Tasmanian with a name out of 'Postman Pat', Mathew Goggin, one off the lead in the Open Golf at Turnberry, equal with Englishman, Ross Fisher. The amazing Tom Watson, who's the same age as me, is in the lead. Now if he were to win the Claret Jug tomorrow, he'd make history in a number of ways, not least by being the oldest winner. Maybe we ought to hope that he will by way of giving the US a consolation for Andy Roddick. But if Mr Goggin won, that would spoil a great day, wouldn't it? But they're only games, after all.

While all this excitement was going on in different ends of the country, we had a rather interesting visitor. Well, Jess thought she was. However that will have to wait until tomorrow.