Thursday, 11 June 2009

Television and turtles

Just watching 'Springwatch' and film taken off Aberystwyth, just A FEW MILES north of Aberaeron. Not porpoises, not basking sharks, but a leather back turtle. Huge excitement! Could it have been what I saw off the cliffs by Aberaeron last week? The film certainly looked like what I saw in the distance. I think it might have been. Well, well. And Jane tells me that she saw part of the invasion of Painted Lady butterflies when she was out walking one afternoon on holiday.

This morning I did my interview about assisted suicide here. An early start we had, but Clare, one of the crew, was held up for an hour and a half on the M25, presumably a result of the tube strike. In the meantime John and Matt set up the lights and cameras, and then Clare arrived, and filming began. Talk about stress! I had to think, and try to be coherent - and it was hot in the conservatory under the lights. In the end they took over half an hour's film, of which eight minutes will go into the final DVD - as long as it's good enough. Then they were off to see Mark Hampson, the disabled rugby player.

The post brought the audio version of 'My Donkeybody' which the Torch Trust for the Blind has produced. It's nicely read by one of their volunteers. Sadly, in a way, it's not on general release, but available only to the visually impaired. So if you know someone whose eyesight makes reading impossible, follow the 'Literature' link on their website ( There's an interview with me going out on their programme at 4 pm on Sunday 5th July on Premier Radio.

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