Saturday, 20 June 2009

Correction "The Politics Show"

Oh dear, sorry. Tomorrow The Politics Show is on at 11 am NOT midday, as I had assumed. So tune in then, or record it, or watch it on iPlayer, BBC1 at 11 am. It's earlier than usual because of the cars going round and round at Silverstone. I'm sorry to have misinformed you.

I'm quite pleased that a Williams car is 5th on the grid for tomorrow's Grand Prix, by the way. Go, Kazuki. Shame about the LIons. They almost made the most amazing come-back after taking a drubbing in the first half. Given a few more minutes they'd have made it. Next time....


  1. Alas I came upon this too late to watch the episode (and it is not available afterwards). I am just now catching up with computer business after a couple of weeks in Germany. But all honour to you for being willing to take on the challenge - I can imagine the cost in 'post traumatic stress'. And I am delighted that you were able to make friends with Debbie. We're with you. Your faith and faithfulness (not to speak of your giftedness with words) are capable of doing much good. Love from Mary W.

    PS Whiling away an hour or so on The Pride of Boulogne on 1st June I read a great article in the Telegraph on assisted suicide. I wonder if you saw it?