Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The BBC arrives

Well, would you believe it? The BBC is here - right now! In sleepy old Grove - except it wasn't all the time when they were interviewing me. For some reason, the council decided to mow the verges right outside our conservatory and the blooming mower went backwards and forwards and the filming had to stop. Anyway it's now rolling again. And if you want to see the result it'll be on The Politics Show (BBC1) on Sunday - just before the Grand Prix. I don't know which will be more exciting. Presumably Button will win - again. The film crew are really nice, Rebecca, Martin and Gillian. And I have to admit they work hard and long hours. I think it's a good use of the licence fee. You might even see the new kitchen in shot - not forgetting Jess the dog.

Oh yes, what are they here for? We're being interviewed about the amendment in the House of Lords about assisted suicide. Lord Falconer's introducing one to legalise accompanying someone to commit assisted suicide abroad. It's not an easy subject! But Jane and I have been extensively interviewed, and Debbie Purdy and her husband Omar are being interviewed tomorrow.

....We were shattered after 3 1/2 hours of filming this morning, and the crew looked quite tired too. But they weren't finished yet. After filming with us they were off to London for another session with a politician or someone. And then the same again in Bradford tomorrow. Back to film in London on Friday, and then presumably putting it all together on Saturday. I'd want a week's holiday after that. Anyway I take my hat off to them. I just wanted to rest this afternoon. But it was a great experience, for which I say thank you.

Meanwhile, don't miss BBC1 Sunday midday for our two minutes of fame, or perhaps notoriety! (And just possibly witness this blog being written!) But seriously the issue is terribly important and sensitive - and it's much more important that we're engaged with that.

Derry put me on to a good article on MND by David Hart, former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, businessman and novelist, called 'Despite it all, I feel lucky to be alive'. ( The title says it all really.

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