Friday, 12 June 2009


I'm happy to report that there is friendly life in Grove. Well, we knew that already, as our neighbours are still friendly despite building works on and off here, which must have been a tad annoying, and we'd been for lunch with Mandy and Charles in their riverside poustina. But today we went for coffee with Colin and Barbara, whom we'd met at the Vale Elim Church three weeks ago. This was our first social invitation from 'Grovers'. I went in my wheelchair and Jane took my stick so that I could get in. It's a significant landmark, being welcomed into someone's home.

After that we went on to the poustina, where Zoe, a friend from Stanford, who's had severe ME for 19 years, was having a holiday. Zoe and I have quite a bit in common, and so an hour passed quickly. She has come through a lot and remains amazingly positive. Jane came back with the dog to accompany through the village byways.

And so the weekend is here. In Stanford it will be the Festival (where this blog began). However I'm no longer vicar; and so it's over to others. Rumour has it that the new priest in charge and his family may be there. They're in for a treat. Even without the Red Arrows, who were booked in, but just a couple of weeks ago cancelled - something to do with not having enough fuel. Sounds like cuts in the defence budget to me. If MPs can't have moats, then the people can't have fly-pasts. So there!

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  1. Naming birds after characters from Shakespeare is far more cheering in a sleepless night than counting sheep; thanks for the idea. May I contribute Polonius Pochard, Coriolanus Coot and (with apologies) Macbeth Capercaillie (The Scottish Bird.)