Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bits of good news

I'm grateful to Bryan for pointing this story out to me. A bit of good news to take you in to August. This is defying the politics of fear! Well done, that girl! 
I'm hoping for some more good news with the Hungarian Grand Prix. Come on, Williams! I've just watched the interview with Frank Williams on BBC. I hadn't realised he was disabled after a car accident. And come on, Jessica Ennis, in Barcelona. She, of course, had to change her long-jump take-off foot after fracturing her right ankle two years ago. Two determined people who didn't give up when disaster struck.

Tomorrow we're celebrating again - this time my best man coming of age (as we bus-pass holders say). The beginning of another bacchanalian August!

And then it's off to enjoy some New Wine. Hopefully there'll be some sales of I Choose Everything there. It's selling quite well so far, I'm told. I think that's largely thanks to the South African connection. More good news. 


  1. The only way that williams can go any faster is if they have a flexible front wing. Micheal. I think you should go to Hungary and roll over there wings a few times!!!! when I worked as a magazine photographer, I spent the winter months out at Paul Ricard, testing the F1 cars for the next season, there was a certain reluctance in the williams staff to go in a car with Frank, because he drove like a madman,!!!! he is a nice guy though,Norman

  2. Might see you there, at New Wine! Hopefully less mud this year...

  3. I saw you on the last day of new wine, and just wanted to apologise for my daughter who kept banging the back of your chair! It was in the final service (which was cut short for me due to my lovely children). Hope you had a good time there; our time was excellent. Richard.

  4. Norman, you can't be serious! You want Williams to cheat (bend the rules) like Red Bull and Ferrari?? Surely not!

    Nik, well, you did find me. Thanks. And it was dry, wasn't it? Certainly made it easier getting round in a wheelchair.

    And, Richard from Exmouth (I suspect), your lovely daughter didn't disturb me in the least. My concern was that I might be parked too far back and in the way of someone's toes. Once I saw your daughter happily crawling around I relaxed.
    And, wow, yes we had a ball! For me it was the best New Wine I'd been to. God did some very significant things for me. I still haven't recovered - and hope I won't! The end of that final service was huge for us. And I must say you have some special people in that church in Exmouth.