Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Yesterday was our wedding anniversary! Thirty-six years of being married to me - you can see why I think Jane's next thing to a saint. We were reflecting on how little we then knew each other compared to now... but I'm glad we did things as we did, because it's been an adventure of discovery and the result is I now love her more than ever - and probably vex her just as much as ever. But in spite of it all she appears to love me too.

And tomorrow we're off to celebrate their silver wedding with Barbara and Gareth in Yorkshire. They have a brilliant family and are the sort of friends one covets. It was a good invention - marriage.

I enjoyed the card we were sent by the Outlaws: picture of elderly couple sitting reading in garden on either side of picnic table:
Man: "Says here married people live longer than non-marrieds."
Wife: "Nah..." (turn over card) "It just SEEMS longer..."

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