Saturday, 15 August 2009

Watch it!

I've just received something unmissable on my Facebook wall. It's from Jozanne Moss, a friend of mine with MND in South Africa. It's called REJOICE! It's 10 minutes on YouTube: You might have to search for 'Jozanne Moss'. I do recommend you view it. You'll understand more and be inspired.


  1. Hi Michael and Jane,

    We just found and saw Jozanne's ' Pity me not'. We enjoyed it in our special circumstances now.

    Last Monday Anne had another fit at the airport here in Kalamata, Southern Greece. We were not allowed on the flight and got stuck here.

    Within an hour we will be on our way to Athens. Our plane to Brussels departs from there at 18.00 your time. My brother will pick us up from there. Mirjam turned five 0 today!! Jozannes testimony was a nice present for her.


    O M A

  2. So sorry to hear about Anne's fit.

    Hope you're now safe and sound at home, time to relax before you next travel back to Bristol.

    Love to you all.