Sunday, 9 August 2009

'Glastonbury' for God - we were there

The Independent called it 'Glastonbury for God'. 'Church of England pews may be empty, but the fields of Somerset are rocking with a series of evangelical festivals this summer. Jerome Taylor joined the faithful.' And so did we, along with 59,998 others in all, according to the report. And we really enjoyed it. To be honest, it's the fourth year we've been to New Wine CSW, the second of five camps on the Bath and West Showground, And to be brutally honest, we didn't actually camp on site, but stayed in a very comfortable cottage nearby. It's a significant place in many ways, but for me it's the place where my book received its big impetus when I first heard Louise Halling talking about her experience of Muscular Dystrophy - which echoed so much of my experience. It was the last time, so far, she went there and it was my first time. You could say just a coincidence, but I consider it more than that. Anyway, more tomorrow. You can find the article on
The picture is on the last afternoon, and if you look very carefully by the big tent with yellow Tear Fund banners you might see me in my chair. This is the food stalls area, where you can get chips, burgers, noodles etc. Most people cook at their tents all round the site, but on the last day, when they've begun packing up, a lot come and the stalls do a roaring trade. Jane had a salt marsh organic lamb burger and I had a well-hung beef burger. And then Peter came along with the rather gloomy test match score. English wickets were tumbling and the Aussie commentators were crowing. Apparently the English ones had gone off to drown their sorrows.

Here's another cricket fan, James, sheltering from the rain at New Wine - and, who knows, Laura may turn out to be one too. Hopefully by then the English side will have improved their consistency. At least the Oval test match might be exciting.


  1. Hi Michael. Wish I'd bumped into you at New Wine! I've been following your book and blog since my wife appeared on the same show as you on UCB in November 08, I think. She's a palliative care consultant in Stoke, so UCB and Cross Rhythms get her in now and then. She also, I regret to say, has to explain the cricket references in your blog to me!

    God bless,


  2. Hi Nik

    Sorry not to have met you there. Hope you found it as refreshing as we did. I see one of your interests is wine appreciation... so perhaps you're more discriminating than me. Respect to your wife - as you can imagine palliative care consultants are in my hall of fame.

    Blessings for your ministry.


  3. PS I hardly ever wore dog collars either!

  4. Thanks Michael! I'm only wearing the dog collar in that picture because it was a choice between that or Boys' Brigade uniform, so I thought I'd wear the dog collar ironically...