Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Son of New Wine

Today a group from our church in Grove have gone off to Soul Survivor, the younger version of New Wine. It's held on the same showground and is remarkable for a number of things, such as the quantity of young people, the volume of the music, the absence of alcohol and the enjoyment and seriousness of the whole thing. I'm glad for them that the campsite will have had almost a week of drying out, so that they won't be pitching their tents in a quagmire. Next week a similar-sized group will go to the next Soul Survivor, in spite of traumatic conditions last year!

As I said, we are not made of such hardy stuff and have found three wonderful self-catering cottages called Sleepy Hollow about 15 minutes south of the site (, two of which are ground-floor only and so feasible for the likes of me, still
walking with
assistance. Here's Jane outside
our back door.
And you can see that it's
sunny despite my previous


  1. No alcohol? What about communion and trangias? ;)

    Sol survivor. They should be so lucky. (A joke - perhaps intended - for classicists like yourself.)

  2. Hello. Who's this clever clogs then? But you're right, I don't know whether they use unfermented grape juice and whether trangias have to be fuelled with fire-lighters. But you knew what I meant, you don't get half-cut teenagers rolling all round the place.

    Copy duly corrected - solly.