Friday, 14 August 2009

Olympian madness

Well, personally, I think they're a bit unhinged. The IOC looks set to admit Rugby Sevens and Golf as Olympic events for 2012, as well as Women's Boxing. Well, I think I'd allow Seven-a-side Rugby, as a sport, even if hardly a universal one. But Golf and Women's Boxing... I reckon they both fall down on several counts. Much as I enjoy and admire the skill involved in golf - walking round hitting a stationary ball into holes, seems like a bit of a rich man/woman's pastime! And I'm afraid I can't consider women trying to knock each other out a sport - actually I'm not keen on men doing it either. Brain injury's not a good spectator sport. I know they have head guards and so on. I have to say I profoundly agree with Amir Khan: 'Deep down I think women shouldn't fight. That's my opinion.' I guess it's in the name of equality. If so, it's daft. I think it's demeaning. My vote would have been for squash, which is highly competitive and skilful.

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