Saturday, 7 February 2009

Overpaid buffoons

I can't believe that I am paying the likes of Messrs Ross and Clarkson. I didn't hear Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand insulting Mr Sachs, but I did hear Jeremy Clarkson's description of our prime minister repeated ad nauseam for us by the BBC. To use a disability as part of an insult seems to me below decency. If, for example, someone had described me as 'that boring vicar' it would have been fair enough; but if they'd said, 'That boring cripple of a vicar,' I think that would have been unacceptable. It's using the disability as a way of reinforcing the insult. Moreover, I actually believe we owe our politicians respect. We may criticise their actions, but not demean their character. They have a heavy responsibility. Exposing them to ridicule does no good to a society. It is true that Gordon Brown is Scottish and lost the sight of an eye playing rugby. The one element of Clarkson's jibe which is not true is the charge of idiocy. Thnking of eyes, I'm reminded of Jesus saying, 'Don't say, "Let me take the sawdust out your eye," when you have a log in your own eye.' Whose eye is the log in, I wonder?

By the way, what a good game the Ireland/France match was today!

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  1. It reminds me of the wartime story of "Ike" overhearing one officer calling another "a black bastard". He was incandescent: "a basterd" is ok but if I ever hear the other again - "you're fired!".