Monday, 9 February 2009

Black out

It's escalating, the robin affair. Last night Jane used some packing cardboard to black out our bedroom window. It was like war-time. It worked well - blocking out the street-light's bright orange glow. But it didn't help with the robin, who warbled away all night. And it didn't help Jane who lay awake half the night. So here's hoping his lady-love turns up on Saturday and puts an end to all this romantic nonsense. Incidentally it's a week since Pete the lift-man came, and it's been working perfectly since then. Lovely.

As a moving-in present, Paul and Penny gave us the complete DVDs of 'The West Wing'. I never saw the end of the set of series; so am enjoying watching them again. I once went on record saying Jed Bartlet was the kind of President and John Deede was the kind of judge I'd want. Penny's parents coincidentally sent us an email: 'We ... started thinking that there must be others moving around this time too, who would understand the frustrations of not being able to find what you want, when you want it, because it's "in a box somewhere...."' And so I set to thinking what an awesome move the Obamas have made. I suspect they have more significant irritants to face than robins.


  1. Have you tried ear plugs? I can let you try some nice wax ones.They definitely help soften the efffects of snoring so they might work on a "chirrup"!

  2. The rain/snow might help to a more peaceful night tonight, unless he is a very determined Robin. Sleep well. Rx

  3. I have a pretty powerful paint-ball gun, I will happily bring it down in a few weeks and stake out the little blighter's singing perch. This may seem harsh from a former YOC member but it also means that I know what makes the creatures tick; how they think.
    I don't think it would do any permanent damage but would make him think twice.
    Let me know

  4. I've had a dream - where robins and men live together in harmony.