Sunday, 8 February 2009

It's him again

He was at it again last night, that robin. ALL night. I was quite wakeful and every time there he was singing away. Though as Mandy pointed out, robins don't so much sing as chirp, or is it chirrup? Anyway I was giving this cheering information by Pat in one of her comments: 'Country lore tells that the birds find their sweethearts on Valentine's day; so your robin is probably trying to impress the 'bird' he fancies. He'll soon be too busy nest building to sing all night.'

Yesterday we had five visitors, no less - which was fun! Below you can see Jane and me celebrating Stephen's birthday, in our new dining room (courtesy of his new camera).

Then I turned on Radio 4 Long Wave expecting to hear the Test Match - instead on the news I heard it was all over. 51 all out!! 'I don't believe it!' Can this be the team that contains two 1.5$ cricketers? Two Indian investors must be wondering whether they've been wise. Try harder next time, lads - please. England expects....

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