Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Travellers' Tales

I've recently received a couple of emails about the dangers of travel. One told me about a scarey series of mystery deaths happening in South Africa, and then after international airline flights from India. Eventually, I read, some boffin had a bright idea and thought of a nasty little spider which hides away and nips you from beneath. 'The Civilian Aeronautics Board (CAB) ordered an immediate inspection of the toilets of all flights from India, and discovered the Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata) spider’s nests on 4 different planes.' So it concluded with the life-saving advice to lift the toilet seat before use. I recommend the Myth Blaster website. Which tells you this is a hoary old hoax.

But the other email directed me to the BBC news website. I think this is a genuine mishap. You have to be sorry for the 26-year man who dropped his mobile down the toilet on the high speed train (TGV) in France and fell foul of its powerful suction system.

I'm afraid my traveller's tale won't be quite as colourful or entertaining, but on Friday I'm to be interviewed again for Premier Radio's Travellers' Tales. Whether it will be used remains to be seen, as my speaking voice is slurred and slow. But that's the nature of MND. Then there's a second book signing, before we have a break, leaving the house in very good hands and going to our favourite Somerset autumn hideout. Can't wait.

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  1. The first paragraph reminds me of a story told by grandmother of her mother's determination to secure a single cabin when travelling to Canada by boat. Being quite innovative she used one of her hat pins to convince a lady she was sharing the cabin with that there might be bed bugs around, as a result she got her single cabin!

    The second brings to mind my 35 year old son who ruined a perfectly good mobile by dropping it in the bath. Why he had it with him in the bath defies belief - but there we go.

    Hoping you have a good break - a change is often as good as a rest.


    Rob Sheffield