Thursday, 2 October 2008


'Does he take sugar?' is a classic question when you're in a wheelchair, or have any disability. If the Paralympics didn't dispel the myth that the disabled are somehow lesser people, the video clip 'Amazing Dance' (see link) should finally do the job. At the moment it's no 1 in the most viewed for the month (Amazing Dance - you will cry). It didn't actually make me cry but it IS very beautiful and moving. Again I'm indebted to Otto for putting me on to it.

Preparations for the book launch are going on here, hall and donkeys booked.... 10-12 o'clock on 25th October at SN7 8HU (Stanford Village Hall). Meanwhile, however, 'My Donkeybody' should be out and winging its way to bookshops and internet distributors around the world. Yes, I admit, I am quite excited and very grateful.

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  1. Beautiful.
    Definately moistening!