Saturday, 25 October 2008

The book is launched!

So here we are! This morning at 10.05 the first book is bought in Stanford Village Hall, and yours truly wields his trusty Parker biro to append his signature. And it was non-stop from then for two and a half hours.
What fun! Outside the two visitors from the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary were there to greet people, with Linda and John.

The queue never seem to get shorter. But the catering team was magnificent. Cakes, biscuits, tea, coffee and old fashioned lemonade. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Young and old could be found sitting already reading their books. My favourite comment was from young Oliver, 'I've been running all round like a looonatic!' Prize for distance travelled solely for the event goes to Karen and Jon Large, with baby Esther, who came from St Albans.

The most frequent comment, as the morning wore on, was, 'You must have writers' cramp by now!' The remarkable thing was, I hadn't. It was altogether an enjoyable experience. With Ed as my right-hand man efficiently organising everyone, all I had to do was to practise my signature and hope everyone enjoyed the book, and be pleased that as a result the MND Association will be receiving a cheque. Thanks to everyone from 86 to 23 who helped - what a team!


  1. Sorry I missed the party Michael, looks as much fun as my three year olds (perhaps we should have combined events) How are the book sales?? Rebecca

  2. Hi Rebecca
    It WAS fun, but I doubt in the same league as yours! And I didn't really have time to catch breath to chat to people properly. Never even had a cup of coffee, let alone a glass of champagne! According the publisher, sales are 'quite good' especially considering the current climate.