Wednesday, 15 October 2008

More donkey business

Yesterday, my day off, was unusually eventful. A photographer had been commissioned by The Church Times to take some photos for an article. I liked K T Bruce. She did after all tell me I had a lovely face to photograph! No one has EVER said that to me before. Well, it's a bit like being told your voice on the answerphone is attractive. Anyway the editor thought it would be nice to have a photo with a donkey (two asses together). There used to be donkeys around the village, but we scoured the countryside and drew a blank - until Jules who knows everyone got a tip-off which led to Sarah Bradstock, of Old Manor Racing Stables in Letcombe Bassett. Yes, they had a donkey, and yes, we could pose with him, after the horses had been exercised. So after the shots in the church, we drove off to the Blowing Stone and found Benjy and his equine pals in their paddock round the corner. Benjy's the old donkey who travels with highly strung horses to races. Sarah herself came and brought him, and there by the side of the road we had our second shoot. Sadly we forgot our camera, and so there's no picture to put up yet. But hopefully you'll be able to see one in the Church Times on Friday. Every now and then it occurs to me what a good thing it was I didn't call my book 'My Elephantbody'.

Then in the night just after midnight Jess, our dog, sounded off. Either she was barking 'Happy Birthday' to Jane or she was frightening off (or frightened of) the phantom fox after our chickens. She tends to hysteria, and thus won't stop until Jane goes and reassures her / tells her to be quiet. Which brings me to say, Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wife.


  1. Trying to get to grips with responding to blogs, if successful shall try again!#

    Rob Sheffield

  2. hello I am just getting to grips with your blogsite as a siver surfer I have no idea what this is but thank you for your book Michael a wonderfully honest witty account of this viscious illnes
    have sent an e-mail to the wenhamxalt e-mail so i hope it arrives soon. enjoy your holiday and hopeto make further contact in my spare moments Ann (Norbury)