Monday, 15 November 2010

"Your carriage awaits"

Here I am sitting in Whitequays Seat garage in Newbury. We’ve brought in our car for its first and final MOT. As ever, proceedings are taking longer than predicted, but the coffee’s nice and the disabled toilet well appointed.

Our next car - res ipsa
In ten days or so, we’ll take delivery of its replacement I’m hoping we’ll be able to have a sneak preview as, when we got home from Devon, we had a message that it had arrived. We can’t take delivery until the previous Motability contract expires. As I’ve commented before, this is a real boon of the Disability Allowance. I trust it survives the cuts. In the big scheme of things it is quite small, but having a reliable car which is comparatively easy for access and egress and which fits in the clobber of disability, such as wheelchairs, is not to be undervalued. My son who knows about such things is a bit disappointed we didn't go for the trendy Qashqai, but I'm afraid it failed on a number of convenience grounds. 

Beauty - or a beast?
And so it's this rather sleek Altea XL instead. I can't quite decide whether or not it looks a trifle sleazy! Whatever - I'm looking forward to being chauffeured in it!

Thinking of cars - so we've reached the end of the F1 season, and sadly Williams (our local team) haven't broken back into the big time, as I'd hoped. They've not done badly: 6th in the constructors' championship, and Rubens Barrichello 10th in the drivers'. Their young driver, Hulkenberg, is moving on (I wonder if they'd like Jane instead... She's quite nippy!), and I gather they might have a new engine next season. We wait in hope!

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