Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I think my life's not bad!

There are certainly frustrations in my life - such as the failure of the repairers to return my injured laptop for some days - but heigh! I could borrow Jane's, couldn't I? Lesley, my physio sans pareil, came for my four-monthly check-up on Monday. She's fabulous. She gave a very positive verdict on the state of my MND - which is basically really stable. Most MND patients have an M25 (or do I mean Porlock Hill?) experience, with on average 17 months between diagnosis and dying. I seem to have been sent on the scenic route. I'd be churlish not to appreciate it. 
It does make me think that in fact everyone should live in an "attitude of gratitude", as someone once said. A friend of mine, Claire, recently put on her Facebook status: "Loves the beautiful autumnal colours :-D  My Dad made each of those beautiful views you see around you right now." (NB Dad has a capital D.) I hope to be out at the weekend to admire those views. Even the last two leaves hanging on our cherry tree have their defiant frail beauty.

Meanwhile my second cousin sent me two attachments of which I already have one but the other is a fascinating one of when Kilbowie, Alfred Ebenezer's final pile, went on the market. It's the cover of the estate agent's blurb. Without all the modern excrescences, it is really impressive, it seems to me - but I wouldn't have wanted to live there. Give me my urban mod cons any time!
"Ours is a nice house ours is;
It has no rats nor no mouses." - as my dad used to quote!


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