Saturday, 27 November 2010

Manchester and music

After Grace's funeral, we spent the night with Paul and Penny, and our lovely granddaughters, in Manchester. The M6 is a pain to negotiate twice in a day, and we don't often get up to the north-west. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss - and we've not seen their woodburner yet. And so we spent a mellow evening together.

Our departure was somewhat tardier than the family's. Once home Jane did her stint of duty at Cornerstone, and then in the evening we were out to the Oxfordshire MND Association social at the Bear and Ragged Staff in Cumnor. As well as the  visitors and friends, there was David despite his MND has just completed and gained his Master's, as well, he tells me, running a profitable 'herb' farm! Moira was there too, who has the same slow type as me. Times together like this are important, even if the cold weather makes our muscles seize up.

Friday was car exchange day. I must say Scott of Whitequay Seat in Newbury did very well for us. Highly recommended. Jane really enjoys driving the Altea XL, nice and smooth, with features like headlights that point round corners! Anyway, I'm very grateful for the Disability Allowance.

We were out again in the evening to go to Stanford for a concert given by Lillian Boutté in memory of our friend Richard Speed. It was through him that she first came to give a concert in Stanford Church about 20 years ago and began working with children in local schools. She sings jazz and is the official New Orleans ambassador for jazz. She's married to Thomas, a witty German saxophone and clarinet player. The musicians had some difficulty in making it through the snow but it was worth the wait. As you can see, she is full of life and full of faith.


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  2. Michael, I don't always comment but I love to hear your news (and poke some of my own in sometimes) so just keep going. Advent Sunday is a good time to send love to you and Jane, the dog, the robin, and all other followers...........