Wednesday, 30 June 2010


This is my last comment on England's departure from the World Cup. I don't know who composed this, but I love it!
Yesterday (Tuesday) we decided to resist the enervating heat and head for the hills, and went up to the Court Hill Centre on the Ridgeway. It's the first time we've been there. It's a former youth hostel where they also do rather nice snacks. Obviously others had the same idea; we met five people we knew there. 

We'd listened first thing to No Tragedy No Triumph on Radio 4, Peter White's interview with Tony Judt, the professor of history who has MND. It was a very articulate and vivid account of the impact of the disease. Interestingly he identified the loss of mobility in his legs as being the worst thing, representing the loss of independent living. Worth catching up with.

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