Friday, 19 March 2010

I Choose Everything

On Wednesday my editor, the inimitable Tony Collins called round at tea time, very dapper in a pin-striped jacket, button-down collar shirt and natty red tie.  He was very positive about 'I CHOOSE EVERYTHING Embracing life (even when it doesn't make sense)'.  It looks as though we're heading for publication fast.  Jozanne and Dave, her husband, have been working on getting a foreword.  I'm now starting on getting permission for quotations I've used.  So it's getting quite exciting.  Keep praying.

Today, predictably, the BBC have run another story about people NOT being prosecuted.  Personally I think not prosecuting Boudicca and Caractacus Downes is a sensible decision - but a headline story?  Non-story, more like.  Something not happening.  Any more a story than the thousands who are not asking to have their lives terminated?  I think not.  Did they read my letter?

Thanks to a link on this blog, I've discovered the young worship-leader, Laura Hackett, from Kansas City, and bought her debut album on iTunes.  Now that's a relief.  My favourite song so far is 'Beautiful Mercy'.

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