Friday, 5 March 2010

Desert Island Discs

I sometimes listen to the old favourite radio programme, Desert Island Discs.  But I don't think I've heard a better one than today's.  I mentioned the castaway a couple of weeks ago; she was the highlight of the Valentine's Day Songs of Praise, the actress, June Simpson (Peggy Woooley of 'The Archers').  She's an incredible 90 year-old - still broadcasting.  I mentioned the fact that her radio persona echoes her own experience of having had a husband who developed dementia.  That isn't the only tough experience of her life - including an invalid mother and a son who died tragically.  And yet she is the most delightful and positive person imaginable.  When you listen to it, make sure you listen to the end and her final choice of disc.  It is a wonderful statement of faith.

Today's been fine and so we went out - twice!  I suppose you could say we were celebrating the publisher's initial welcome of Jozanne's and my book - which we're excited about.  This weekend the family are going to be here.  We love these times.  They are such fun and great people.

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