Thursday, 3 September 2009

Don't panic...

... I'm still going. It's just we've been away 'en famille', as a posh friend put it, and 'outre de l'internet', or however our French cousins say it, in deepest Norfolk (not far, as it happens, from Great and Little Snoring - which I seem to remember as the setting of the classic children's books, The Little Fire Engine, and The Little Train, written by Graham Greene and illustrated by Edward Ardizonne).

Of course, while we were there, we, i.e. England, convincingly won the Ashes back. Ozzies, eat your hearts out. Unfortunately, we didn't do so well in the Belgian Grand Prix with both Hamilton and Button crashing out on the first lap. So the flying Finn in the Ferrari came in first.

Anyway we had a great week, good food and drink, good weather, plenty to see and do, and of course the best company!

Here we are enjoying the chef of the day's offering in The Old Cartsheds.

Bird-watching at Pensthorpe, home of Springwatch 2009, but no sign of Kate Humble or Chris Packham, I'm afraid.

The third generation went to the Norfolk Ark Wildlife 'Park' while the uncles slobbed back at the ranch.

Meanwhile Charis met her grandfather's namesake.

Blickling Hall had a motorised scooter which was great for me.

Some of us were inexplicably camera-shy.

Others were not.

Highly recommended - The Norfolk Riddle, in Little Walsingham - where we took refuge from pouring rain, and had an excellent meal to boot.

Packing up to leave in our different directions.


  1. Glad you have surfaced again & v. glad you had such a good time. Missed you! B.

  2. There's nothing like the restorative powers of a family holiday.

    I've just come back from mine, with my two daughters, my parents and my sister and her family in a FABULOUS cottage in the little town of Topsham, Devon. Must say I was rather anxious about it initially (another 'first' to have to overcome without Richard - ie. the first holiday) but my family were there for the girls and I, understood how hard it was for us and what a time we had, full of laughter as well as the tears. God bless loving families everywhere.

  3. We did panic but it's ok now! We too holidayed in Norfolk this year, at the end of May - at Bure Valley Farm Cottages. We took all three - Owl's Barn (sleeps 6), Penny Wagtail (sleeps 4) and Wren's Rest (sleeps 2). The rest live locally! Excellent weather and a thrilling flight because I wanted to see The Wash and was told you could only see it properly from the air. If the Radar Museum at Blickling Hall was open you could have seen my signature as an elderly veteran. Glad to have you back - keep on with your tales. Love, Brian & Carol.