Friday, 15 May 2009

A mixed day

Ouch! The doctor phoned the results of my blood tests through this morning. And my chloresterol levels ARE high, not dangerously, but she wants to see me and take my blood pressure. If THAT's high, I am in trouble! Meanwhile, I'm starting a starvation regime - a great shame, because early on an MND nurse told me that patients often lost weight and recommended cream (in moderation), for example, in mashed potato, which seemed great news to me at the time. Heigh ho! Cut out the biscuits. Another snag is that nuts are highly recommended, like walnuts; and the trouble with that is my tendency to choke on bits. That applies to oats as well, which are also good. (By the way, if any of my friends and family are reading this, IF YOU EVER INVITE US TO A MEAL, PLEASE DON'T STINT ON THE CREAM AND THE CHEESE. This is NOT going to stop me enjoying my food!)

Then I had my three-monthly visit to the dental hygenist. I think she could tell I had been making an effort, because she wasn't as severe on me as sometimes. I was interested to read in Richard Coles' blog about his dentist, who would keep him upright and work from in front. There are times when I gag in the dentist's chair. When my MND started, it was really horrible being tilted horizontal with the saliva running to the back of my throat. However they've learned to work in shorter bursts now, which helps. As a reward for good behaviour she gave me two tubes of vile toothpaste, meant to be good for gums but tastes like kaolin morph.

While we were in the Oxford direction, we went and had our (low-fat) lunch with our friend, Shelley. She is one of the nicest people I know and we've been friends with her and Ian for 25 odd years. She introduced us to Bisto, their new young dog. And then it was on to Headington Baptist Church where there was an exhibition in Oxford Art Week, including a sculpture and three paintings by Sarah Lomas, a friend of Jane's. No sooner were we through the door than I was recognised by someone I didn't know, 'I've just finished reading your book this morning!' It was a taste of celebrity. I don't think I handled it very well; I didn't have that slightly disdainful interest. Anyway it turned out we had a number of mutual acquantances. Meanwhile Sarah and another of Jane's friends were there. The paintings by the way were visionary, and the sculpture in Portland stone was great. So all in all an eventful day.


  1. Blast,

    Does that mean I should also be watching my sausage and bacon intake?

    In terms of the celebrity thing, it might be wise to invest in a pair of dark glasses to roll round Grove in, it might cut down the number of paparazzi etc.

    Word up!


  2. Had to laugh at the comment re the toothpaste, why are things that are supposedly "good" for you always horrible? Rich didn't have toothpaste but had some vile mouthwash from the dentist instead, which I'm ashamed to say lasted two days (Tesco's own 69p a bottle was infinitely preferable!!).

    PS. Have you get my email? I've been having problems with my phone/internet connection. BT vans have been swarming around our local area for days.