Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Big events

At last something serious has driven expenses from the news top spot: North Korea testing a nuclear device and then two short range rockets.

On a personal level, yesterday I finished reading 'Nicholas Nickleby', all 600+ pages. Dickens certainly knew how to tell a story. I'd not read it before. Now there's a story of the potential of money for evil - and for good. Sadly, a film could never do it justice and so I imagine it's message will be lost.

I also listened to the best piece of radio I've ever heard. Even better, I think, than listening to the 1956 Ashes Test Match when Laker took (19 wickets) and Lock (1) tied the Australians up in knots and Sheppard and Richardson scored centuries in the best English team I remember. The programme was called 'Twin Sisters: Two Faiths' (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00jsw51). John, my best man, had put me on to it; he knows the producers. It is such a rich picture of contemporary Britain, its tensions and its tenderness, focused round two identical twins and their mother, who has terminal cancer. It is a great programme. Do listen to it.

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